About me

Greet all of our visitors to my website. I was born on Szolnok, in an artist family. My great-grandfather, Béla Hellebrand was a goldsmith and a painter, the Budapester and foreign country parlours' successful creative artist. For me was natural the continuation of my family’s artistic mission. After the paint I came under another material- the clay- spelt. For many years I made ceramics I experimented with glazes I trained it memory plaques, painted vases, sculpture with hand for different programs. Those many spiritual experiences spiced my creative tendency, what I carry since my childhood in myself. For a long time I see things in prophetic dream was natural so that let me create my own inspired oracle cards. The usage of the oracle cards is too suitable for getting the deeper self-knowledge. The painting for me more than the device of the self–expression. I believe that my paintings live independent life and their life positive influence is practised for their environment for an edge and with their existence. My aim that let me convey to the people with a realistic depiction one with us parallel mythical world’s message.

News - Actualities

Mr. Casimir and the Realm of Miracles

Uploaded: 13-04-2021

My first storybook in which the inhabitants of the magic realm travel the souls of readers into a world of miracles.

Sándor Kőrösi Csoma

Uploaded: 11-04-2021

I painted the picture based on the writings of Sámuel Hegedűs and Sándor Újfalvy Mezőkövesdi.

Remembering the golden age pendant

Uploaded: 25-04-2021

Jewelry is also an amulet, they protect you.

Vision of Atlantis

Uploaded: 28-04-2021

A look at from the ancient world Atlantis, through my art ...