Cookie used on henigaleria.hu


A cookie is a text file that websites place on a user's computer so that they can later link to previous sessions.
I use cookies only for statistical purposes so that I can improve my website by analyzing the visits.

Specifically, it's not me who makes these cookies, but Google with a statistical measurement program called Analytics , but Google's computer is sent to the visitor's website through my website. cookies.

The only reason I use my own cookie is to delete the cookie warning. (The use of a cookie is mandatory for visitors to the site, but the warning does not need to be displayed continuously.)

If you click on the " I Accept " button, I'll place a cookie so you don't see the cookie warning next time, because it can be confusing.

If you do not allow the use of cookies, you can disable them in your browser settings. The functionality of henigaleria.hu will not change in any way, you will only see the warning every time you load.


Thanks to: Henriett Hellebrand paintress